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About Me

I've had a passion for photography for many years. I do enjoy the remoteness when being out in the field, watching the elements change the scenery before you can be spectacular, waiting for that special moment to freeze in time.

I gained some of my skills on the Isle of Mull many years ago. I had the pleasure of working with a professional photographer during my many visits to this wonderful Island. The advice given on camera settings has been so valuable to me that I have never changed them since - aperture is so important. 

I constantly review tide tables and weather conditions to help  me plan locations and timings. I do believe in creating my own luck, so  a little bit of research and perseverance  can certainly make it worthwhile.

I have always used Nikon equipment, no preference I just got used to Nikon.

The quality of the lens does make that difference so consequently I always travel with @Lee Filters in my bag.They give you a true balance of colours.

I hope you enjoy my work and please contact me if you would like to purchase any of my work. I am happy to discuss any commissions or personal requests.


Please be kind to nature when out capturing those special moments.